About Quiwi House

Quiwi House is an online retail store that showcases upcoming Australian designers and brands, with some exceptions. All items featured on the didactic site are hand-picked by both founders.The concept behind Quiwi House addresses the need of women who seek avant-garde clothing for all kinds of occasions. This site, as opposed to other online retail stores, will engage the customer by providing an experience. It will help women enhance their personal style with one of a kind pieces. With multiple brands to choose from, women will be able to find an outfit for a night out with friends,  dinner, drinks, or even a party. There are no boundaries we won’t push, and no limits that won't be exceeded. Overall, with Quiwi House you are guaranteed to steal some glances and provide answers to the tedious question: What are you wearing?

The company was founded by Ana and Mariana Quintero. From a female perspective, they recognized the lack of diverse garments and styles found online and in stores. From a fashion advocate perspective, they recognized the opportunity to create a site where they could showcase unique and different accessible clothing. Both founders share a passion for fashion and admiration for show-stopping pieces. Moreover, they share common thoughts and goals, which should come as no surprise as they are actually sisters. The family-run business focusses on distinguished merchandise and designers for women seeking new, cool and structured clothing at an affordable price. By looking mostly at upcoming Australian brands, as well as talented American and European designers, they were able to find a solution to the problem.

We are confident a collaboration with these brands will yield to success and confident they will yield to growth. Ultimately, Quiwi House will be the house to fashion in.